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I'll help you scale your revenue with thoughtful modern advertising execution and high performance, relevant, persuasive ad creative, user-focused landing pages, and tailored media buying strategies.

$600+ Million

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Cannes awards
*performance ads don't need awards

Performance-first (brand) marketing

I get it, your brand is special and unlike all the other brands. The problem is that consumers don't care about your brand as much as you do. My goal is to help you focus on the consumer experience to drive performance above all, and in doing so, accelerate your brand's overall impact.

Trusted by big names

Some clients I've recently worked with

Some clients I've previously worked with

What they say about me:

Testimonial section

Omar Rada

Founder / CEO

I was fortunate to work with Barry for a few years while running Misen, and he's amazing. I get that he's known as the ugly ads guy - and sure he's probably better at performance creative than anyone I know. But I also interacted with him on many other topics including general ad ops/strategy, on-site CRO optimization, general merchandising tactics/AOV expansion - he's good at all of them and thinks like a founder, not a consultant. That is rare and deeply appreciated as a founder.

Darwish Gani

Pangaea, Lumin, OpenBorder

Barry Hott is the real deal. Barry is the most knowledgable person I have met when it comes to the ins and outs on the details of Facebook Ads Manager, ad buying strategies and it's various iterations over the years. What sets him apart is his knack for asking the tough questions and very tactical understanding of the Meta platform. Our account over 3xed in the time Barry worked with us.

Nicola Ryan

Director, Head of Acquisition

Barry is an incredible mind in growth, and focuses on what works rather than what’s trendy. His self produced “ugly” ad quickly became a best performer in my last role (among many other high performing concepts that unlocked significant scale) and I’ve continued to apply those concepts in my current role to great success. I’d recommend working with him whenever you have the chance!

James McKinney


Barry got me to start looking at how I structure and test my Meta ads in a completely different way. I used to make all of me decision based on bad data or vanity metrics, but after my first session with Barry, he got me to change my mindset and develop strategies for creative launching that work with the Meta algorithms instead of against them, which allowed me to greatly increase my spend while lowering my cost per acquisition. DON'T BOOK A CALL WITH HIM, because I don't want everyone knowing this sh*t

Why do you need me?

You want to improve in one or all of these areas:

Media buying

My bread and butter. Solid and thoughtful media buying execution is the framework upon which modern advertising is built. I can audit, streamline, and consolidate your account to optimize performance.

Performance creative and ugly ads

Ads have to work harder than ever to get users to stop and pay attention. I focus on the granular details that improve how ads are perceived by consumers and get them to convert.

Landing pages

Landing pages are essential to keeping visitors focused. Your landing page should educate and sell without distractions. I can help develop, test, and iterate flows for each traffic source and part of the funnel.

Let's Grow

I solve complex problems
with deep empathy

I put myself in the shoes of your consumers to build the best ads and landing page experiences that will get them to take the desired valuable action.

I continuously test and iterate to always try to beat the current "best" performer. Champion vs challenger mentality.

I've mastered these core competencies through my deep consumer empathy.

Drill down into your ad accounts with my Billion Dollar Ad Account Audit and find out where exactly you’re leaving (heaps of) money on the table.

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I'm here to help you better understand complex growth and advertising problems to help you achieve your goals. It's not what you want to hear,
what you need to hear


No "hacks"

No excuses

No sugarcoating


because I don't want everyone knowing this sh*t

James McKinney

Founder of Exoforma

On this 1:1 video call, I will answer your questions and provide strategic guidance.

Some potential topics I can help you with:

  • Reviewing your ad structure, creative, or website
  • Discussing philosophies and the "why" I do things the way I do
  • Learning best practices
  • Answering difficult topics/questions about the industry
  • CRO analysis
  • Agency performance audits
  • Career guidance
  • Business/agency scaling guidance
  • Startup/DTC business processes
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15 min video call: $375 $300

I'm also available on MentorPass and Intro.co

If you're looking for more help from me:

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How you can partner with me

Hourly consulting

If you need help or guidance, this is for you. I can give you clarity on a topics and can cover whatever you need and get you up to speed and on your way.

Book a Call Now

Monthly retainer

Let's partner on a bigger project. I can help guide creative strategy, lead training, or provide leadership or support to your growth team however you need it.


Have a problem that you need solved? Need a short term fix or want help building a solution for future scale. I'll take projects off your plate and execute them in a scalable and repeatable way for you.

Not what you want to hear,
what you need to hear

No BS.
No beating around the bush.
No sugarcoating.

Let's Do This

The answer isn't always
as clear as you want

Advertising data isn't perfect. Data can be manipulated to deceive you. I can help you find and understand the truth in your data and help pinpoint what it really means.

Marketing is easy.
Until you need to be great at it.

Anyone can get a license and drive a car. Not everyone can tweak their engine or compete in a race. That's why you need a expert. Let's talk.

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